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  a sense of freedom   a sense of individuality   a sense of pleasure   a sense of culture   a sense of activity   a sense of life   a sense of German culture  
Living in TØNDERregio  

point orange LIVING IN TØNDERregio

Welcome to the land of 7 senses

It is the unique Danish lifestyle that draws an ever growing stream of people to TØNDERregio. The many years of German-Danish history have shaped relations and continue to do so today to create a fascinating fusion of Danish and German culture. This cultural diversity can be seen in numerous institutions: German schools and nurseries, parishes, libraries and other public institutions as well as lively and active German associations are all at home here.

The land of 7 senses in TØNDERregio offers great diversity. People live, work and play in line with their wishes and expectations – life the Danish way. Together in Denmark with the happiest people in the world. Head on a journey of discovery to the land of 7 senses – to TØNDERregio.